Business Turnaround

Companies who are underperforming face a unique set of challenges. They must ensure short-term survival while preparing for long-term success.

Our business turnaround approach focuses on the most important operational, strategic, organisational, and financial levers in order to ensure a comprehensive recovery.

RPM Consulting has extensive real-world business turnaround experience. We can validate an existing turnaround plan or develop a new one tailored to a client’s specific circumstances.

We can go to work immediately – for both clients and its vested stakeholders, offering Business Turnaround Solutions to:

  • Quickly understanding your business model and all of its components
  • Recognising trouble spots both financial and operational
  • Implement an emergency action plan
  • Restructure the business
  • Return to normal plus growth

RPM Consulting has many years of experience carrying out Business Turnaround programmes. This experience ensures we take into consideration and address those issues that frequently frustrate change programmes.

This approach enables us to secure the proactive support of key stakeholders and ensure the speed and scope of the change is appropriate to deal with the underlying challenges faced by the business.

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