Lean Transformation

The most successful Lean organisations are the ones who assess the needs of its people, as well as its customers, on an on-going basis. This is the process of Continuous Improvement.

In our experience, people tend to focus on the lean tools rather than the core essence of developing people. This ‘people focus’ was the original strategy of the Toyota Motor Corporation, and it remains a key component of their Continuous Improvement programmes today.

Our role is to work within your organisation to help a transformation programme succeed. We can lead this programme or work with your leadership team in a number of roles and capacities:

  • Generating strategic plans
  • Building and strengthening a Lean program
  • Developing problem-solving skills at basic and advanced levels
  • Installing the right mind-set and behaviours within your leaders
  • Advocating Go-Look-See
  • Coaching development
  • Change management
  • Visual Performance Management

Lean transformation is not a quick fix solution that can be invested in, implemented and forgotten. The best improvements are the ones that are sustainable. These are small incremental changes that happen slowly, over many years and are very different for every organisation.

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