Support a new project in a single vehicle assembly plant.

Client: Nationwide Car Producer

7th December 2015

Post Project 1 RPM was asked to support a new project in a single vehicle assembly plant. This project started off at the factory design phase where RPM were tasked with supporting the manufacturing engineers in designing the layout of the factory plus the operational processes to support the running of the factory.

Focus initially was to maintain flexibility of the facility to cope with variation in output whilst still maintaining profitability, a concept not delivered previously by this organisation. Once the factory design had been undertaken rigorous training programmes were written for each level of staff in the organisation and training providers selected to support.

RPM supported the design of the training working alongside the internal Lean team. Once the factory was installed the team worked with the plant management to roll out the new vehicle to a planned ramp up of volume to support process improvements to fix safety, quality and volume concerns that arose as the volume increased each day. Full volume was hit on schedule and due to the product being a major success in the market additional volume was sought and delivered.

This facility has since gone on to win several awards and is now a multi vehicle assembly plant supplying high quality vehicles to the market.

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