Support the output improvement of two brick manufacturing facilities.

Client: House Brick Manufacture

7th December 2015

RPM was invited to support the output improvement of two brick manufacturing facilities in the UK and Australia. This was a short project with a small team of brick moulders and kiln operators who were paid on piece work.

RPM started with some plant observation and explanations of how each operation worked. It was apparent that as each brick took around 6 seconds to make then small savings could make a big difference. RPM undertook some very simple training in waste and where it is to show the team how easy it could be to reduce some of the time to make a brick. Simple items like ergonomics were attended to plus the delivery and stacking of the bricks in the kiln was reworked to be simpler and more efficient.

The project was very simple in what was required however we were working in an industry that all the times being discussed were very new to the team and they were very sceptical as that “had always done it this way”.

RPM gained the confidence of the team to undertake some small trials which could be reversed if they didn’t like them. The trials worked well and the output of a brick dropped from an average of 6 secs to one just below 5 seconds or over a hundred bricks an hour extra per person.

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