Design and roll out of Process Improvements

Client: Nationwide rail provider

7th December 2015

RPM was brought into this organisation at the request of an ex colleague who had seen the work undertaken on the rail rolling stock project. However this work, although in concept was similar was actually a very different beast. The sheer scale of the organisation presented issues in itself. Over 20,000 maintenance staff, organised into devolved regions with autonomy on what they wished to do.

The initial task was to design and roll out some process improvements to solve some issues identified by a previous study. This grew to helping the organisation design their own Lean operation processes, training to support the delivery of the Lean rollout and coordination of consultant support to initial guide and prove to Lean process improvements.

Reporting to the Executive board, RPM coached the senior management who had no experience of Lean operations in helping them understand what could be delivered and what was the best way to go about it.  There were pockets of excellence within the organisation which Richard used to reinforce what could be achieved if Lean techniques and management were introduced and sustained over a period of time.

Very large organisations don’t change overnight, plus most have have every man and his dog coming in to tell them what they need to do. RPM’s task was to try to simplify the message to the senior management and gain their trust that this process would work for them and deliver far above what it would cost.

RPM supported several of the regions in developing their own Lean rollout plans which were to be delivered by internal and external teams.

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